High End Satellite Internet EVERYWHERE: Best clear High Speed Internet and wireless broadband for rural areas. Up to UNLIMITED High Speed Internet and Satellite TV together in ONE 75cm dish 


World first!
All EU Nets -
1 Price Starting from: € 24,90 /month
incl. VAT
27 countries simultaneously
Calls IN & OUT anytime & anywhere WORLDWIDE
Unlimited freedom
No restriction
VoIP via APP
German landline incl.!
Satellite Internet capable
Mobile compatible
3G and 4G compatible
Wireless & WIFI capable
Satellite Internet Starting from:€ 29,95 /month
incl. VAT
22 MB Download Speed
6 MB Upload Speed
Maximal Stream Volume:
Up to UNLIMITED (by night)
Volume booster 24/7
REAL Satellite TV psbl.
Stable VoIP Phone incl.
All in one dish
NO landline needed!
0,00 Euros Setup FEE!
Satellite Internet Starting from:€ 79,95 /month
incl. VAT
22 MB Download &
From 2 MB Upload Speed
Maximal Stream Volume:
Up to unlimited day/night
Volume booster 24/7
REAL Satellite TV incl.
Stable VoIP Phone incl.
Perfect for:
Static IP incl.
Open Ports incl.
All in one dish
NO landline needed!
0,00 Euros Setup FEE!
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There are a staggering 22.5 million households in Western Europe alone that don’t have fast broadband access. Include Central and Eastern Europe and this figure rises to 43 million. Collectively, broadband pundits refer to these households as the ‘last 5%’. QuickSat.NET satellite broadband services are deployable immediately and have comparable speeds to any terrestrial ADSL service (up to 22 Mb) and now even have large (even unlimited*) data allowances for users


Wherever you live - whatever you do: QuickSat.NET connects High Speed Satellite Internet and Satellite TV in one dish! (*some countries aren’t eligible for unlimited tariffs).

Unravel now the QuickSat.NET mystery and earn money!

Why should I decide for surfing with QuickSat.NET?




It couldn’t be easier to get started with QuickSat.NET. A small satellite dish is installed on the outside of your property. You can do this yourself or we can organise a qualified installer. You then simply plug the satellite modem into your computer and you are ready to go. There is no telephone connection required and you can be using the Internet immediately after this simple set-up.


Using proven satellite technology, QuickSat.NET delivers fast Internet access straight to your home. Almost 500 times faster than traditional dial-up, this satellite technology is an always-on broadband service for all your internet needs, whether it’s surfing the web, emailing, downloading music or watching videos. With up to 22 Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload speeds, there will be no frustrations waiting around for your content or information to arrive on screen.


99,9 % fast internet coverage across the WHOLE PLANET. QuickSat.NET is available to everyone across the planet, with the same great quality no matter where you are.


QuickSat.NET offers high-speed Internet incl. TV subscriptions starting from less than €1 per day, for a service almost 500 times faster than traditional dial-up and comparable to High Speed ADSL. Whether you need the Internet for you, your family, or your job there is a package perfect for you at an ultra competitive fixed price.

QuickSat.NET also offers additional features such as multi-channel television via the same dish, telephone calls via the Internet using VoIP and a wireless home network for accessing the internet anywhere from within your property without the need for cables. Just ask for further information.

No DSL glass fiber connection?
Internet via satellite is THE DSL alternative!

QuickSat.NET is your satellite broadband provider in Europe and North Africa with affordable flat-rate plans. As a real DSL alternative is QuickSat.NET with fast Internet anywhere, even in places where no other fiber or DSL availability exists. As an Internet provider in Europe, we provide you with fast Internet with up to 22 Mbit / s, and the complete hardware package.

Modern and fast Internet access via satellite

Satellite Internet is today a modern and reliable technology for fast Internet access in rural and urban areas. The installation and commissioning is quick and easy. The Internet will have high speeds. The cheap broadband deals from QuickSat.NET will delight you.

QuickSat.NET DSL Availability

QuickSat.NET DSL does not require any phone lines for Internet access. The DSL modem QuickSat.NET connects via a satellite in space directly to the Internet. That is why QuickSat.NET DSL Internet available with full range throughout Europe. Also at your home. A DSL availability check is not required!

Whatever the weather

Thanks to our ACM technology works QuickSat.NET regardless of the weather. For ACM automatically provides the most stable possible connection to your satellite modem. So your new, fast internet works better than conventional satellite television.

Easy installation

The installation and start-up is quick and easy with the help of our self-assembly kits. If you have already installed a TV dish, it can be easily replaced with our QuickSat.NET DSL Internet & TV dish.

TV & telephone with QuickSat.NET

Thanks to the Multi Feed LNB QuickSat.NET, you can use the same QuickSat.NET dish for internet and TV reception. Also phone works reasonably priced, using VoIP over your new QuickSat.NET connection.

Online Gaming with QuickSat.NET

Most online games have no special requirements on latency. Especially web-based online games work with QuickSat.NET significantly better than with conventional slow Internet connections. An exception is the group of so-called first-person shooter. Here, the combination of a normal DSL connection and QuickSat.NET may be useful. So you have low latencies and high bandwidths and thus the best of both worlds.

End with slow internet!

Get now your new, fast Internet of QuickSat.NET, the broadband satellite Internet providers No.1 in Europe!

Multi Level Spot Beams and High Performance Data Center

makes your internet load up to 500x faster!

Ready for extremely fast internet?

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